About Forward Motion Technologies

Forward Motion Technologies sulky wheels are designed to give you maximum performance, ultimate durability and low maintenance without the hassles of outer discs. The unique design features an incredibly strong one piece carbon-composite body mated with a durable aluminum rim. The result is a lightweight wheel that is extremely resilient and the “memory” characteristic of the carbon is not prone to bending.

SULKY WHEEL IMAGE 3 1-29-2014The hubs are precision-machined from aerospace aluminum and feature large, heavy-duty bearings that are well-sealed. In addition, the FMT hub features additional outboard seals to protect against infiltration of moisture and the fine debris from the harsh environment of the track. This provides for a longer lasting bearing and reduced maintenance. Super free spinning bearings with little sealing properties are fun to play with in the hand and are frequently used as a marketing strategy by other manufacturers, but the reality is that a bearing that is not sealed well will very quickly become contaminated which more than negates any advantage in rolling resistance and will lead to premature bearing failure. FMT sulky wheels are available in any color and are coated with a heavy duty textured industrial coating for extra durability. FMT Sulky Wheels are hand-crafted in the USA.